Fully immersive VR experience in the Moscow Urban Forum

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Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the City of Moscow and TimeLine present fully immersive VR experience.

Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the City of Moscow and TimeLine have created a fully immersive interactive Cube-zone experience.
Taking place in a 3x3 meters cube structure in Manege, Moscow, the Cube zone presents a 360° audio visual experience that evolves in real time create a Nature Heaven, completely surrounding people with the action through live nature saving and special effects, putting them at the heart of what is happening to the environment.

Project took about one month to create an interactive adventure where will be able to experience more than 2,000 guests.
With the content reacting in real time to the action in live saving of nature a unique immersive audio-visual response.

The experiential design has been delivered by technology experts TimeLine.
The cube features a total combined 360° panoramic projection of over 8K resolution.
Atmosphere screens feature real-time content mixed live by the TimeLine team that changes and evolves in line with the mood of the guests expressed in over 8K resolution, surrounding their peripheral vision and making them an inescapable part of the drama.

These stunning visual effects are being created using 4 one chip DLP W316ST projectors from Optoma, which boast a brightness of 3,600 lumens and have a contrast ratio of 20,000:1.

The content is being driven by Kinect sensor and one TouchDesigner Media Server from TimeLine as these allow for an uncompressed, extreme resolution and high frame rate playback of the media, ideal for the live games in particular creating a true sense of realism and immersion with pixel-level accuracy.

Just by joining the efforts of each and connecting visitors hands they can changed the planet, saving it from the harmful effects of human activities. This giving visitors the ultimate immercive experience.