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Sergey Kostygin
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I’m provide consulting services to corporations who wish to develop and introduce audio visual technology and products for the business.​

I am multimedia technology specialist, CTO, producer & consultant, supervisor & visualist, specializing in the design and development of cutting edge, immersive, interactive and multimedia installations, professional displays, LED screens, projection mapping, media servers and video content creation. Focused on content and technical workflows through a rapid process of previsualization, specification, detailed technical design and creative guidance of any AV, interactive or immersive experience.


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I help turn your wildest fantasies into reality

My goal is to help clients turn fantasies into reality with audio visual systems that are easy to use, provide high-quality images, intelligible sound, and complement the architecture of a space.


Multimedia Installations, Live Events, Touring, Interactive, Lighting, Projection Mapping, Digital Signage, Kinetic Systems, Previsualization, Video Systems, Creative Video Walls, Theatre, Opera, Musicals, Circus, Broadcast, Film, Motion Control, Interactivity, Media Servers, Full Dome, Planitariums, Immersive Experience, etc.


Recent credits include Video & Interactive System’s Design for Leningrad Center at Saint-Petersburg, Scenic Video Design for Illusio show, Kinetic System in Twins Garden Restaurant, Scenic Video Design for the Moscow Film Festivals, Video Content Design for the Day of Russia show, Video Content Design for New Year TV show on the First Channel, Scenic Video Design for Russian FairyTale show of VTB Capital Investment Forum “RUSSIA CALLING”, production of the HandOver Ceremony on Winter Paralimpic Games at Vancouver and many other events.

A Master of Entertainment Technology with a background in technical sales, account and product management and a talent for translating technical information and creative vision for economic decision makers.

I am specializing in the design and development of cutting edge, immersive, interactive, AV and multimedia installations.I develop installations and translate my experiences for events, galleries, museums, theatres, show, concerts, exhibitions, restaurants and public space and specializes in creating engaging, meaningful interaction with the public. I handle concept, design, creation, strategic and operational management, directing, scheduling, filming and post-production of video projects. I responsible for managing multiple projects from concept through creation with strategic and operational goals in mind include all intermediate aspects of the multimedia communications – develop, oversight, coordination, and planning of production.

Supported by choreographers, writers, visual content producers, lighting designers, sound engineers, technical specialists and a full suite of production and logistics services, I bring great ideas to life in any physical or digital environment, to any scale.

Sergey Kostygin

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